Rasyidah Halim
Vice President
Julia Curtis

Nancy Zhou
Melanie Stenback

Family Practice Representative
Neil Naik

Royal College Representative
Katie Barnes-Prior
Past President
Robert Mercer


Become Involved

If you are interested in becoming involved in committees, contract enforcement or negotiations, then we encourage you to run for one of the many positions on the Board or the PAIRN Executive.
As a Board member you will receive great exposure to the different components of residency, different organizations within the health care system and the many leaders in health care who you will meet while traveling to national conferences.
PAIRN’s Annual General Meeting was held on August 19 and the 2015/16 Executive has been elected.
To become more involved, please feel free to  contact us.

Powers of the Executive

The Executive manages the business and affairs of PAIRN. It administers the affairs of the Association and is empowered to:
Invest funds of the Association as is determined beneficial to PAIRN and approved by the Board.
Purchase or acquire property in PAIRN’s name and to sell or otherwise dispose of property as is necessary for daily management.
To raise or borrow money for purposes of the Association as approved by PAIRN. The Executive shall be empowered to sign or endorse bills, notes, cheques, contracts or securities for monies borrowed for the purposes aforesaid.
To enter into Collective Agreements with the employer(s) of PAIRN members as approved by the members during the annual general meeting.

Roles and Responsibilities

Presides at all meetings of the Executive, the PAIRN Board and at all annual and special meetings of the Association.
Chair of the Executive.
Chief spokesperson for the Association.
Chair of the Association Management Committee.
Responsible for submitting an annual report to members.
In the absence of the President, the Vice-President presides over all meetings of the Association.
Signing officer of the union.
Member of the Association Management Committee.
In the absence of the President, the Vice-President executes all documents on behalf of the Association.
Oversees the preparation of the budget.
Maintains full and accurate accounts of all the receipts and disbursements of the Association in proper books of account.
Member of the Association Management Committee.
Deposits all monies in the name of and to the credit of the Association.
Disburses the funds of the Association as directed by the Executive.
Reports financial matters to the Board.
Presents an annual financial report to members.
Attends all meetings of the Executive, PAIRN Board and the annual meetings.
Records all facts and minutes of all proceedings in books kept for that purpose.
Gives all notices required to be given to the members and to the Executive and PAIRN Board.
Certifies all resolutions of the Executive, PAIRN Board and meetings of the Association.
Member of the Association Management Committee.
The Secretary shall perform other duties that may be determined by the Executive.

Board of Directors

PAIRN is a volunteer organization, run by a Board of Directors comprised of residents. The Board meets at least once every two months to discuss matters relating to the business and affairs of PAIRN including Association governance, policy, annual operating budget development, and national conference delegation.
Members of the Board are elected at the Annual General Meeting of PAIRN which takes place during the first week in August of each year. Nominations may be made two weeks in advance or from the floor at the AGM.
The Board consists of the Executive and representatives from each residency training program, the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, the Family Medicine program and the Royal College program. 
Aggregate representatives on the PAIRN Board act as liaisons between the resident body and the PAIRN Board. Resident programs are grouped into the following aggregates:
Diagnostic Radiology
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Responsibilities of PAIRN Board members include:
Attendance at all PAIRN Board meetings or committee meetings at which the individual represents the Association.
Carry out individual tasks assigned at Board or committee meetings at the direction of the chair and in consultation with the Executive as required.
Review relevant material of the agenda before meeting.
Promptly acknowledge all communications concerning PAIRN Board or committee work.
Participate actively in all discussions.
Share relevant information and experience with the group.
Understand and respect other ideas or conflicting viewpoints.
Tackle problems objectively and impersonally.
Remain on the subject of discussion; ask for clarification on any point or problem as necessary.
Accept and follow through on assignments, respecting deadlines and parameters of assignments.
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